Paterson on Indian taxation

Somehow this very interesting interview with Gov. Paterson on the ever-simmering issue of Native American taxation escaped my attention when it was published in the Buffalo News six weeks ago.

2 thoughts on “Paterson on Indian taxation

  1. Taylor Made

    IMHO one of the first steps that the Governor could take is to have the state actually begin to acknowledge the treaties that exist between New York, the United States and EACH of the Six Nations. However, I’m not holding my breath to see that happen.

    In addition, he might consider trying to apologize for the racist imagery in the War Room ( scroll down and look at the skulls around then Onondagas — not all of the images are here BTW). I still cannot believe that ANYTHING like this continues exists — without an apology and a statement explaining that NY no longer believes in such xenophobia — but then again … I’m not holding my breath.

  2. Britt

    I have to say I believe the Gov. is choosing the right approach. The Native people of this country seem to always be put on the back burner. This seems to be the best way to work things out, although I’m sure that the Native people are not going to be entirely trusting of politicians, and let’s face it- they have every right to be. (Trail of Tears, Manhattan Purchase etc…) I’m glad that Patterson is trying to do the right thing, but it’s a touchy situation. We’ll see what happens.

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