Other people’s blogs

A quick roundup…

CNY Speaks, the community listening project of the Post-Standard and the Maxwell School, is beginning a series of public forums about Syracuse’s downtown, starting tomorrow.

We don’t have a lot of music-and-nightlife blogs in Syracuse (or at least, I am not very good at discovering them), but here is one: Kick Start My Rock and Rollin Heart. And first-grade class pictures are always fun.

Bob Skelding is a New Hampshire guy who’s traveling across country in a homemade RV pulled by four draft horses. He’s passing through Central New York this week. Here’s his blog.

New York Cowboy. Just because he’s always an informative read.

Via Living in Dryden: Ill doings in the Town of Virgil. I always wondered why little old Virgil was getting so many big real estate projects attached to it. This story maybe explains some things.

Via Calculated Risk, here’s a Los Angeles TV report on the unbelievable world of California’s real estate collapse. Take 10 minutes out to watch this.

Oh, and it’s not just California, either. (More on that tomorrow…)