Other people’s blogs

The Batavian is a blog that has taken over an online news reporting niche that apparently has not been filled by the Batavia Daily News.

Josh Shear (a man of many blogs) has a post about Twitter and the many ways it can be repackaged as news.

CNY Snakepit blames Billy Fuccillo for local TV campaign ads. Fascinating stuff.

Up for some Utica history? Check out CNY Urban Guy.

Sean Kirst of the Post-Standard gives his own local history tour, and some of it isn’t pretty.

The Moderate Urban Champion is a Rochester blog that expresses many of the same urban-revitalization interests of Buffalo and Syracuse bloggers.

Jesse of York Staters admonishes Downstaters not to see Upstate cities as cheap crashpads.

By the way, Big Norm — the biggest pig in the world — died this week. York Staters wrote about Big Norm a couple of years ago.

New York Traveler revisits the Cardiff Giant — both the real fake one, and the fake fake one.

And now that the State Fair is behind us (apparently the most profitable in history, although one wonders how much of that money is going to Live Nation), Syracuse B-4 has another wonderfully freakish post on what we used to think was ahead of us. (Maybe Syracuse needs its own site along the lines of I Used to Believe…)