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When the blue chicory is in bloom, one doesn’t care so much that weedy medians are not a political issue in western Onondaga County. They are a hot issue in Cobleskill, however, according to Slums Along the Mohawk.

Phil at Still Racing in the Street has written extensively about GOP mockery of community organizing (here, and here, and here).

I have been lax on reporting on the latest NYRI news, but Fault Lines has the most recent roundup. Things are about to start happening again, especially since the PSC has opened the door to more “wind parks.”

New Folk Now is “the art and music blog for Central New York.” (I used to draw on my high school folders in the manner of Brian Butler, but nowhere near as well.)

Steve Balogh takes a look at the vast, seemingly empty Carousel Mall expansion.

The new phone book’s here! The new phone book’s here! No, it’s not — but the new Farmer’s Almanac (and their winter weather prediction) is. At Golden Snowball, this is cause for annual excitement.