Blood sucking freaks

In what counts in Albany as a “gaffe,” Gov. Paterson introduces what may become the most-quoted word in New York politics since “dysfunctional”: Bloodsuckers! As in,

“I used to sit in my legislative office and think about how difficult it is to travel 150 miles to Albany on a bus … and how there were legislators, who I used to think practiced their own versions of being Count Dracula,” Paterson said referring to his 21 years in the State Senate. “In that they [legislators] would be very nice to advocates when they came to Albany and then they [advocates for the disabled] would get back on the bus around 4 o’clock. By 5 o’clock the sun would go down, and they’d [legislators] go back to who they really are – a bunch of bloodsuckers.”

Paterson is now being accused of a (shocked, shocked!) Dean Skelos of reviving the bad old Spitzer days of acrimony. That’s nonsense — Paterson is speaking off the cuff from his own experience. But apparently Paterson has impugned the entire character of the Legislature, much like the Brennan Center did back in 2004. (Richard Brodsky is on the case!)

“The first one, everyone kind of shrugged,” said Assemblyman Richard L. Brodsky, a Democrat from Westchester County. “This is the second one. If it becomes a pattern, you worry that David, who is a very decent person, is being told he’s got to sort of Spitzerfy himself a little to look tough. That’s just a mistake.”

Um, condescending, much?

It’s clear Paterson wasn’t talking about the entire Legislature, but… in Albany, it’s all for one and one for all, and folks on both sides of the aisle are calling for an apology for the hurt feelings. Was it too much? Or, too ironic that Paterson is saying this at a time when he’s attempting to (some say mercilessly) slash his own budget?

But do we even need this exaggerated sense of drama from these babies any more? If this was Dewitt Clinton, he wouldn’t be dropping offhanded quips, he’d be challenging legislators to an actual duel. Paterson should just smooth it over with another quip. Brodsky, Skelos et al should just grow up. Because the bad old days of Spitzer were also the bad old days of Bruno the Boxer. Takes two to tango.

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  1. My wife was at that conference and it played a lot differently there–big applause line. It fits right in there with Patterson’s analysis of the GOP swipe at community organizing–how difficult it is to sway legislators in sway to special interests.

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