Blog Day

Yesterday was something called Blog Day, a day where you’re supposed to highlight other people’s blogs on your own blog, instead of just talking about your fabulous self. I do this from time to time under the heading “Other People’s Blogs,” but mainly stick to blogs on New York subjects. So here, a day late, are five non-New-Yorky blogs I occasionally read and enjoy.

English Russia, a roundup of offbeat items from everyday life in the former Soviet Union (it’s not just Russia they cover). This is not your father’s Evil Empire — while there are the usual photos of monster tractors and Ladas stuck up to their axles in Siberian muck, there is also Muslim Magomaev singing “Gorod Moi Baku.”

Coudal Partners is a Chicago ad agency that maintains “Fresh Signals,” which has links to cool design stuff and “online museums.” (I discovered this handy zip code map through them.)

Google Maps Mania, for the latest in Google map mashups from around the world.

A Good Beer Blog, edited by GenX40’s Alan McLeod (“our Canadian correspondent” on New York affairs, although that might be news to him).

The Diary of Samuel Pepys, all the latest news and views from 1665 London.

2 Replies to “Blog Day”

  1. A few months ago you mentioned English Russia — it is a site that I regularly visit. I have run into In Grid [French/Italian singer] as a result of this video on English/Russia —-and back in July when I was in Paris — I enjoyed it to In Grid on my iPod!

    Thanks NYCO!

  2. I don’t know why I enjoy that blog so much… it just reminds me a bit of home for some reason… Anyhow, I have Muslim Magomaev on my iPod now. It bothers me though that Baku seems cooler than Syracuse is or will ever be…

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