CNY/Finger Lakes food gets a very tasty article in today’s New York Times. Salt potatoes, Doug’s Fish Fry, spiedies, Baker’s Chicken Coop and more.

I’m not sure I’ll get to the Fair at all this year to enjoy any of this fab food, but I have to say the opening fireworks (I have a great view of them from my window) were the best I’d seen in years. Not Harborfest quality exactly, but it was a pretty good show.

4 thoughts on “Yum.

  1. Phil

    After your comments on how to improve the Fair, you’re not going to go? As the hub of all CNY blogging, don’t you have an obligation to go to our signature event?

    PS–the Fair took my advice (as well as many others) and created a store where you can buy NY State products, but I went in today and it was incredibly lame. The promise was an old-fashioned country store, it was more like an airport gift shoppe.

    Also, O’Hara got up on stage today at Chevy Court stage and introduced Chuck Schumer (who for some reason introduced Joan Jett!) Many boos.

  2. Robinia

    Well, I went– and had the clam dinner from Doug’s Fish Fry w/the great cole slaw. Yum, indeed.

    For NYS real stuff, visit the NY Farmers Market Federation farmers market– you can even pay with your WIC coupons and food stamp card. In the Horticulture Bldg.

    But, yeah, everybody is taking bets on how many (if any) days O’Hara lasts past the end of the fair…

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