Other people’s blogs

The Onondaga Citizens League is continuing its series of blog posts on what to do about Route 81 in downtown Syracuse. The latest: “Creating an Urban Mobility Plan.” Josh has some thoughts on passenger rail as part of the answer.

Upstream argues that any bigger-better-bottle-bill in New York ought to up the deposit amount to a quarter; people just don’t care about nickels and dimes these days.

Fault Lines thinks the new name for the Oneida County airport is dumb; and that “Griffiss” should be included in it somehow, since “Griffiss is a name that all of Central New York can identify with.”

Cassette From My Ex is for anyone who simply can’t throw out that once-very-special tape. “They were into you, so they made you a tape. Today you don’t have a cassette player, but you still can’t toss that mix.” Yeah, I have one of these too. Oasis and The Sundays, among others. I still listen to The Sundays once in a while, but, well, the Oasis CDs went on eBay a long time ago. (Hat tip to Phil)

Pulled Into Syracuse is a new blog promising “quasi-weekly updates of restaurant and food reviews in Syracuse and CNY.”

Grindstone Financial is a Clayton-based blog that looks at the current Wall Street situation as it relates to New York State.

Adirondack Almanack reports on the financial precariousness of Fort Ticonderoga. Wow, I didn’t know the problems were this bad; the operation may be broke by the end of 2008.

AA also points us to a new blog, New York History.

And here’s just another day in the life of The Other New York.