5 gadgets I’ve never regretted buying

Now that the economy is really looking peaked, and we’re all supposed to have spent our stimulus checks on cool stuff already, I thought I’d take a quick look back at the select handful of electronic appliances/gadgets/doohickies that I once lovingly unwrapped, yet still find useful or cool. I am not a huge purchaser of electronics, but I have bought my share of the usual kinds — and some of them just lose their appeal faster than others, or wind up forgotten in a cabinet somewhere. These are ones that have stood the test of time (youngest to oldest):

5. Digital SLR camera (Nikon D40). I can’t ever see myself getting bored with it or wanting another one although I might want a different lens kit in the future.

4. Mac Mini. Pound for pound the best home computer out there. It’s a shame that Apple is apparently abandoning this line. I’ll be with this one until it conks out.

3. Handheld GPS unit (Garmin eTrex Legend). Incredibly useful for so many things, from navigation (if you have a co-pilot to read it) to mapping Erie Canal ruins, to planning and timing walking/jogging routes.

2. Don’t laugh: Keychain digital camera. They sell these for $20 now at Wal-Mart, but when I bought it years ago, they were kind of a big deal (and I blush to say how much I paid). Still a kick though, and can double as a webcam, for spying on naughty pets during the day. The pictures are tiny, crude and interesting. A little indestructible wad of plastic.

1. RCA 13-inch color TV. Bought in 1992. Works fine. I do not need, or want, another one – one which probably will break after 6 months anyway.