Reasons for leaving New York

Well, this story doesn’t give the reasons (I think we know them well enough) but it does confirm the obvious, which is that Upstaters are feeling very grim.

The Siena Research Institute Poll released Monday finds just 15 percent of upstaters say they will never move out of the state. Twenty-two percent of New York City residents make the same claim. Almost 30 percent of upstaters say they may move after they retire, compared with 19 percent of New York City residents.

Well, that’s OK — we don’t want those un-energized old folks anyway? (How about energized young folks like this guy? I’d say he’s got what it takes to make it Upstate — a Samurai sword and a smile.)

I wonder if anyone has ever done a similar poll about Syracuse or Central New York, though. Or would we be too afraid of the answers?