Highway robbery

I woke up this morning to read a small item in the PS Local section about Holy Family Church being robbed yesterday in broad daylight, right after a service. It appears some punk with a BB gun stole the collection plate. Between this, the Burger King robbery and the rogue bear, maybe they’ll be rethinking Fairmount’s “27th Greatest Place to Raise Kids” ranking next year.

I had been walking near the church almost exactly 24 hours earlier. There are no houses on Chapel Drive, just the church and a few marginal-looking establishments behind the Eckerd’s Rite Aid Plaza. It’s pretty sleepy. You could rob the church, or any of those establishments, make a quick cut through a suburban street or two and be on Route 5 or Onondaga Boulevard within a minute. (Updated: The perp reportedly took off on foot down the hill from the church to Inwood Drive and up the hill to Kimberly Drive, using the shortcut trail, which probably only local people would know about. WSTM video)

Camillus isn’t far from the city, but it isn’t far from the country either. Theoretically, Camillus could be assaulted by criminals from either side. Typically, Fairmount’s only crime problems have been shoplifters at Fairmount Fair, and the occasional midnight spree of teenagers looking for unlocked cars to steal from. All of these recent intrusions (including the bear) had the sort of crazy audacity you usually see only in drug addicts, which makes me wonder just what the meth situation is in Syracuse’s outlying rural areas these days.