Turnabout is fair play?

This issue doesn’t have anything to do with NYRI in and of itself, but it’s something different: The Delaware County Electric Cooperative, which has 5,000 members in some of the counties that happen to affected by the proposed NYRI line, has filed an application with FERC to build new hydroelectric turbines at four Catskills reservoirs owned by New York City. The project would provide electricity for 20,000 rural homes and businesses.

So, just in case you lost your scorecard, it goes like this: NYRI wants to build a freaking huge power line across upstate New York, connecting northern generation facilities with hungry downstate energy consumers; while the DCEC wants to build turbines at reservoirs serving downstate, to provide upstate energy consumers with juice — possibly, some of the upstate energy consumers whose land value would go down and and power rates would go up because of NYRI.

The more I think about this, the more I’m really kind of glad I don’t live in or near the Catskills… New York State’s water and energy war zone.