It’s made out of people!

It’s amazing stuff, $4 gas is. People are just busting out all over. They’re on the sidewalks, walking. They’re on their bikes, riding. They’re at the bus stops, waiting. They’re playing in their front yards. I have seen this with my own eyes — the stories are true. When I go for my evening walk, I keep seeing the same set of folks doing the same thing. I might see them up there today, down there the next day. Golly, at the rate this is going, we’re seeing so much of each other, we’re going to start having (gasp!) conversations.

It’s as if someone accidentally dropped suburbia and it broke, and the contents are all spilling out over the streets. What’s inside is quite shocking. People! Fairmount Hills is made of people!

3 Replies to “It’s made out of people!”

  1. I’m so glad it’s not Soylent Green…

    but even here on Route 366, I think there’s slightly less traffic, and definitely more pedestrians and bicycles than there used to be. (I’m about 1/4 mile from a gas station/convenience store that’s usually where people are going.)

    I’m hoping to someday find something I can use to make my own traffic counts, more automatically than sitting in a lawn chair with a pad of paper and a lot of time.

    Conversation! Wow!

  2. Simon– I thought exactly that when I read the title, too…. you aren’t brooding, what with all the lousy news, are you Ellen?

    People getting out is good, keep lookin’ on the bright side.

  3. Well, suburbia is a dish made of people. People stuck in their cars. It’s made of walks not taken, bikes not ridden and buses not waited for, and conversations not had. pretty horrifying, no?

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