Other people’s blogs

The Invisible Flood Blog commemorates two years since the Upstate floods of ’06, observes the demolition of a flood-damaged house, and offers support to Midwestern flood victims.

What with tornadoes and hail, the Golden Snowball has found plenty to keep discussing well away from the winter season.

WinterCampers also keep the posts coming for all your outdoor needs. (And if you get hot, you can just look at the photos of their snowshoe expeditions.)

Upstate 2050 imagines a community shower in the summer of ’39. 2039, that is.

New York Cowboy writes on why he wants to own a handgun.

The Upstate New York Genealogy Blog has links to many resources, including old Kodachrome photos of farm country and 19th-century county atlases.

Syracuse Nostalgia has a rare old clip of a Channel 9 evening newcast from 1972, which happens to lead off with a bit of key local history involving the Onondaga Nation and Route 81.

According to the latest scientific study, blogging makes you happier:

Researchers in the US have concluded that blogging also makes bloggers better thinkers. US neurologists Fernette and Brock Eide conducted a survey of the blogosphere and posted their results on their own site. The research began with the proposition that our mental activities cause changes in the structures of our brains -not only what we think, but how we think as well. They decided to focus on blogging because it represents a significant new activity that might be changing the way people think, and concluded that blogging can be a powerful promoter of creative, intuitive and associational thinking.

Have a happy Fourth! (On or off your blog.)