Slowing down

This coming holiday weekend (or rather, the rest of this non-holiday week) will be another chance to observe if the trend I think I’ve been noticing is really happening: the American beehive is slowing down. Since last year, I haven’t been the only one who’s had the impression that activity (in the workplace, anyway) has been quicker to wind down before a holiday period, and slower to restart after a holiday. The general pace of bustle, we agree, has faded ever so slightly, and this is most observable around holidays. Are people just tired of making-it-or-faking-it?

Yesterday morning when I started off for work at my usual time, the roads were nearly empty, which shocked me until I realized the 4th of July was this weekend. Then again, road traffic is not really the best indicator any more, since a lot of people may be carpooling or taking the bus. The level of “buzz” in the air at work or in the grocery store may be more accurate. I suppose the real test will come in the fall when kids start going back to school.

2 thoughts on “Slowing down

  1. sean

    i’m not exactly feeling the slowdown; what i am feeling is the sense of a gas pedal pushed down against an aging, puttering engine, as an america used to big spending, big houses, big engines, big vacations keeps trying to live that way when the economic engine abruptly can’t handle the strain … which means things are slower but you can hear and feel the stress of an engine unable to switch gears. sooner or later, unless the foot comes off the pedal, it’ll blow.


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