Bruno’s retirement: Dream on

Anyone get the feeling that the props are being knocked out from under the decaying old manse? I’m talking about Empire — the Empire State, that is. Bruno’s retirement was surprising, but also not. The old structures are falling, with nothing to replace them. The Ithaca Journal, in its editorial on how Upstate is now “losing its voice,” is pretending that Bruno really spoke for Upstate. He didn’t. The appearance that he did so, was part of his racket. As for Libous’ exclusion from power, this quote is telling about the lack of a vision for Upstate even among the natives:

“It would have been huge” for Binghamton if Libous, who has represented a Southern Tier district since 1989, had won, said Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo, D-Endicott, Broome County. “It certainly would have meant more state resources coming to the Southern Tier.”

In other words: “Plunder! Spoil! Slobber, slobber — Oh, darn.”

Now the Downstaters — perhaps the most self-referential, unimaginative, navel-gazing politicians on the planet — are fully in charge. What strange new political creatures will evolve in their vast, unweeded back yard? Now’s their chance…

Updated: Check it out! Our own Senator DeFrancisco is going to save us! (Well, not you down there in Binghamton or over in Geneseo; I mean, us here.) But how?

State Sen. John DeFrancisco said today that newly elected Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos is one of his closest friends in the state Senate and that relationship will help Central New York. “It was good with Joe (Bruno), but I think it can be even better with Dean because we are friends,” said DeFrancisco, R-Syracuse.

Yes, it’s always good to be friends first.

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  1. Haha, well like you said, the Downstaters were always in charge!

    I like how narrowly and selfishly the editorial would draw its supposed lines of power, had Libous won: “would have meant more state resources coming to the Southern Tier”.

    That makes me wonder…how much would have actually changed FOR SYRACUSE and the rest of the “northern tier” had Libous actually won?

    Maybe we’re as fractured upstate, within the sense of ourselves, as much as we are divided in the upstate/downstate dichotomy?!

  2. JS–
    IMHO, it is a feudal arrangement, and each powerful Duke, were he chosen to be elevated to the President Pro Tem, would destribute spoils only within his Dukedom (Senate District). The state-subsidized AMD chip fab case is the perfect case-in-point. Have on reliable personal report that local Utica economic developers had come quite close to “luring” the proposed AMD chip fab plant, when NYS came in to “help to lure” and…. presto! AMD moved the project to Saratoga County (Bruno’s district), doubtless as a condition of getting billions of NYS taxpayer dollars to “lure” them to NYS.

    “Luring” is a job best left to hookers and Madams; even they should avoid johns using OPM.

    If there was a pretend play about NY state government economic development that we played in the weeds in upstate while they were ignoring us, I would like to play the economic developer who tries to get really nutritious, convenient, efficiently-produced subsidized and emergency food to all the hungry people. Oh, wait… that’s one of my current paying projects– although not for the Most Dysfunctional Government, more like foundation funding through a nonprofit. Back to work, may not last long ;-)

  3. I dub thee the Venerable Lady Robinia the Random of Lesser Wobbleton, economic developer who tries to get really nutritious, convenient, efficiently-produced subsidized and emergency food to all the hungry people.

    But you’re still not as powerful as Lord Sheldon the Inscrutable of Dealing-under-Table, or Sir Joe the Pusillanimous of Sendham-up-the-River.

    (just playing with this a little)

  4. Robinia, I’m definitely with you about the feudalism thing, definitely in NY politics. And corporate feudalism too…, with debt, credit and consumerism as the primary forces. Like Wendell Berry (that guy has so many really novel and insightful thoughts) writes, industrialism is about separating people from the land, from families, from culture, from traditions, to create customers… His “The Unsettling of America” is sometimes extreme, but sometimes dead on about the troubles we’ve created for ourselves.

    And that’s an awesome way to describe luring corporations into the community as an economic development strategy. It is a strange thing, for sure, with local IDA’s and MDA’s acting both as pimps and umm…well…

    I think you’d agree that your play is one that never had to have been written! It’s a cure to a disease that only creates other diseases, like inefficient, dsyfunctional fiefdoms of goverment!

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