Real news from Albany

Joe Bruno won’t be dying with his boots on: he’s not running for re-election. A post at TAP notes that it’s unclear if Bruno will even serve out his term.

I wish I could work up excitement over it all, but I mainly got into this state-political-blogging business in hopes of witnessing a coup sometime. It’s kind of disappointing that won’t be happening, as Bruno was the one most likely to be forcibly dislodged. But he’s too smart, and I dare say tired.

Skelos (of Long Island) and Libous (of Upstate) are thought to be the frontrunners for the position of Majority Leader (and, Acting Lieutenant Governor as well, I suppose?)

Or, perhaps you could be the frontrunner. My thought is that New Yorkers of both parties who are disgusted with Albany should just form their own state government-in-exile (in their own state!), and run it like Boys’ State for grownups. A fake legislature with real people could be better for New York than a real legislature with fake people.

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  1. Hmmm…makes me wonder what sort of stuff is going on under the carpet?

    Maybe related to some of those investigations of Bruno’s personal affairs?!?!

    Or maybe he expects to lose his majority status in November?

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