Follow-ups on the recently blogged:

This piece in Artvoice casts a critical eye on Robert Wilmers’ appointment as ESDC head, focusing on possible conflicts of interest involving M&T Bank, among other things. (And here’s another, similarly critical piece from Artvoice.)

Predictably, the trucking industry doesn’t like the new plan to get their trash trucks off rural roads in the Finger Lakes. Maybe they should think about getting into the barge shipping business instead?

Google Street View, with its all-seeing eye, is coming ever closer to Syracuse. Is Google evil? Depends on what the meaning of “is” is…

Updated: Aiiee! I guess the Googlemonster has claimed Syracuse now as well. But not all of it. My street hasn’t been invaded! However, enjoy this view of the lovely Fairmount strip. No wonder they passed us by. Looks like their driver took a look around and decided to blow off the assignment!

Jamestown is getting a clean-coal plant, and In Java Literally has a nice roundup of all the doings there surrounding Gov. Paterson’s announcement — video, blog links, the works.

Meanwhile, the state wants to know if we the taxpayers would like to pay more money for less electricity, so that power corporation executives can maintain the affluent, energy-guzzling lifestyles to which they are accustomed. The utilities will then be able to afford to sell us all less electricity, which will protect us and the Earth from ruin. I think they used to call this “protection money.”

And I present this random NYRI news item for your entertainment.