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This photo was taken a few months ago at Shove Park. It’s an info kiosk installed a few years ago by Cornell Cooperative Extension about Geddes Brook — and it managed to escape vandalism, until this spring. Why do kids do this? What excitement do they get out of this kind of thing? There is an discussion going on at Sean Kirst’s blog about juvenile delinquency in Eastwood. See also this Walkable Eastwood post.

I mentioned this site a while ago but wanted to mention it again: PULP Network, from the Public Utility Law Project of NY. It’s a great resource on power and utility issues, a complex subject that can make your eyes glaze over, and rarely written about by someone on the side of the consumer.

As for responses to high energy prices, Adirondack Base Camp writes about a possible “motorless movement” in the making that would promote kayaking and canoeing over motorized boats on mountain waters.

Five Wells has a blue and white garden. I used to have one of these — mine included white bleeding hearts, columbines, Johnson’s blue geraniums, globe thistles, wild daisies, Labrador (“black”) violets, and veronica (speedwell). Most of these plants are still there, even though I let the patch grow wild.

An informative post from Sharon Wager on the housing market in Camillus, if only because you only hear on the news about how overpriced homes around the country are going begging. But in many ways the Syracuse market is like the proverbial “clock ticking in a thunderstorm.”