5 things I miss about summer

1. Slushie mugs. I don’t know what other people called them, but you froze them and then stirred Kool-Aid or the drink of your choice until it suddenly and magically congealed into slush. They said you couldn’t do it with carbonated drinks. I defied this. My favorite was root beer.

2. The magical last day of school when the halls would be strewn with paper as everyone “cleaned out their locker” (ahem) for the year. Not so magical for the janitor I would imagine.

3. Having my dad get us up on the roof of the house to watch the lousy Fourth of July fireworks being set off behind the mall, which detonated once every sixty seconds and came in only three colors — red, white and… green.

4. Popping tar bubbles on the street on hot days. Fighting with my sister over the big ones.

5. Me, my friends, a tape recorder and a fresh scenario (i.e., “Biker chicks tea party,” “Interview with Charlie’s Angels” or “Entire school day featuring our least favorite teachers”). Where did the afternoons go?