CNY ecoBlog catches up with the state of the Great Lakes Water Compact, the nondiversion agreement that’s close to being “ratified” by eight states and Canada, and points out that there could be a stumbling block in Washington for U.S. assent to this pact, since the Great Lakes states are losing political power (along with their populations).

I was in Ithaca over the weekend — at Robert Treman State Park, specifically — and noticed how low the creek and waterfall levels were. Enfield Creek was running pretty dry, and the swimming hole at the lower falls had no water in it to speak of. Possibly that’s normal and they just dam up the plunge pool to raise the water level later in the month when swimming opens for the season, but it looked pretty dire.

The trail and bridge construction done at Treman by the CCC during the Depression was unbelievable. It reminds me that, as strange as it may be to think that anyone could or even would want to build a large-scale water diversion system to siphon Great Lakes water to a demanding West… massive infrastructure projects are have always been politically attractive in times of economic distress.

It rained on and off most of the weekend. But I can’t complain. I stupidly went into the Upper Gorge and forgot to take something to drink along with me, then did the rim trail stairs. Water!

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  1. ? Not really so dry here, to the Ithaca natives. They do take the boards that dam the swimming hole at Treman out when it is not swimming season, and it looks pretty different. But, groundwater is fine, creeks are running, soil is crumbly.

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