Lies, damned lies, and statistics

CNY ecoBlog takes a quick look at today’s bombshell that Syracuse is somehow the city with the worst “carbon footprint” in New York. Is Syracuse’s sprawl and highway addiction really worse than Buffalo’s or Rochester’s? C’mon. Despite sprawl without growth being a significant problem in Central New York, I can’t get my mind around why we would be doing that poorly in comparison to other regional cities. In any case, this report is going to cling to this city like poo to a shoe until it gets more thoroughly explicated. Or maybe it will spark more agitation to tear down 81.

Then again, get a load of this map. Our carbon-neutral Western states also happen to be water-negative. Oops.

Fault Lines also decries sprawl-without-growth in the Utica area.

(And that brings us to the other terrible bit of news of the day, the devastating fire at Utica’s F.X. Matt brewery. Lots of brave talk, but then the pain is going to set in. Woe to any Saranac fans out there, as they say it’s flying off the shelves now.)

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