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Cookin’ in the ‘Cuse is celebrating a birthday. Happy bloggiversary to Syracuse’s leading food blog! Jennifer also posts about her busy schedule and quotes E.B. White:

If the world were merely seductive, that would be easy. If it were merely challenging, that would be no problem. But I arise in the morning torn between a desire to improve (or save) the world and a desire to enjoy (or savor) the world. This makes it hard to plan the day.

Economists continue to natter about whether we’re in a recession. Everyone is changing their habits regardless. I’m not a hard believer in “peak oil,” but I wonder if this is what it would look like: people flooding state parks instead of flying away for vacation; more people taking public transportation; airlines cancelling flights and flying slower to save fuel? Here in Syracuse, I don’t know if the larger trends are that noticeable. I mean, we already have an OK bus system; we use nearby state parks (ie Green Lakes) on a regular basis for fun; and the airlines seem to ignore us anyway. Nevertheless, I’m sure everyone is planning some sort of cutback.

One cutback for me has been food — or rather, changing my approach to eating. I don’t think I consume too much in general, but I just never plan my meals (dinner being the worst). Since my teens, I’ve eaten like I was raised by wolves. Maybe this is an opportunity to grow up and ensure there is something coherent to at least heat up — and savor — at the end of the day. This involves thinking things through and buying more versatile ingredients. (Sea salt and cracked pepper potato chips are tasty, but not too many recipes call for them.)

But I’m not going to ditch my current car for a Prius just yet. I like my car (no, it’s not a Hummer), and I’d rather keep driving it to places and people I care most about, and taking a bus to the other places. Maybe that’s a politically incorrect choice, but that’s the one I’m making right now.

I’m concerned that some people, especially in previously “prosperous” places that have to take a harder economic fall, are going to hurl themselves in a panic at too many choices, too soon — perhaps with disastrous results. Ironically, we have to pick and choose the choices we have enough energy to make wisely, so complicated our society has become.

6 thoughts on “Choose your choices

  1. threecollie

    I read somewhere (and I am going to track it down again) that seed companies have experienced nearly double the sales of garden seeds that they experience in a normal year. Also most of increase is customers new to them.
    Guess lots of folks are going to try to grow their own food this summer….be nice if the soil would warm up a little so things would germinate.

  2. Robinia

    If you consider the prospect of planning a week’s dinners in the right light, it is great fun (do get a piece of paper, and put the finished thing on the refrigerator or something… it is also practical). I find we can eat twice as well for half by doing this– and spend significantly less time in grocery stores, too. Plus, it lends a sense of security to look forward to chicken and seafood gumbo on Thursday evening, and then actually enjoy it when it comes around.

    Have you considered joining a CSA? That can also reduce your food cost and improve your eating quality immensely.

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