Gas hits $4 in CNY

WSYR reports on gas prices finally spiking to above $4 in some places around Syracuse. This was supposed to be the magical, mythical number that would cause Americans to abandon their cars along the side of the road en masse. Well, I saw a guy proudly driving his Hummer down on Erie Boulevard this morning, so I guess not. I think you will see more subtle changes over a longer period of time. I feel more inclined to use my gas for driving for pleasure than using it for driving to work, so I hope to get back in the Centro groove very soon.

NYT mentions Onondaga County’s adventures with the gas tax cap (and spells “Onondaga County” correctly too!)

On a related note, please take time to read this lengthy and thoughtful post at Living in Dryden about “nodal development.” Go on, you have time — you’re not going anywhere; it’s too expensive.

One thought on “Gas hits $4 in CNY

  1. sean

    i remember when i went looking for my first car, in the late 1970s, the gas station parking lots were full of cadillacs and station wagons on sale for $500 – and no one wanted them because gas was such a paycheck-killer. i’ve been surprised that a similar shift has taken so long this time around, but i guess it speaks to a little more cash around the average household in 2008.

    that cash, however, has got to be drying up. thank goodness detroit saw it coming and made the big transition to building a fleet of practical, affordable, high-mileage cars.

    this is where you insert the laughter of peter, the dad from ‘family guy.’


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