Other people’s blogs

Up the Creek!, the blog project about Onondaga Creek, has made some self-guided walks available. You can download an MP3 file, put it into your player, and take a tour of the creek.

Sharon Wager, a Camillus real estate agent, has a blog. I’ve linked to it because she has some occasional personal observations on the real estate biz in the west burbs. Plus, I admit I like peeking in the homes for sale.

Fault Lines likes the idea of Utica-Rome getting a new area code and thinks it could help provide a new identity for his area.

Sprawled Out is a Midwest blog but has many good observations on suburban planning, including this commentary/reprint of a Salon story on isolated backyard playgrounds.

WinterCampers on campfire building. Instructions provided. Speaking of camping, I can’t believe I missed this blog – Adirondack Base Camp. Sadly, I won’t be going up north this summer (this year it’s south), but this is a good resource.