New “I Love New York” campaign

The ESDC has done a big re-launch of the famous I Love New York tourism brand. The new ads are going to be targeting Northeastern states, trying to get economically strapped vacationers to drive over the border and head Upstate instead of just down to NYC. Good timing for it, I suppose. This was in the works before Spitzer’s hasty departure, but it makes Paterson look like he just thought of it.

They’ve also done away with the small-phonebook-sized “catalog” of village-by-village tourism opportunities that has been published every year and will publish a slimmer 40-page booklet instead that offers trip ideas. Good idea too, since I don’t know if we really need to print a listing for Homer’s House of Chaw over in East Caligula. (By all means, direct the tourist to the splendors of our region, but let them savor the adventure of discovering Homer’s for themselves…)

As for the logo, I was surprised to see that they didn’t change the old Courier typeface, but I guess that is regarded as an integral part of the brand. The main changes to the logo have to do with little wildlife doodles and the addition of unmowed grass. (KAZ doesn’t like the squirrel.) Oh well, at least they didn’t officially change it to this:

4 thoughts on “New “I Love New York” campaign

  1. Steve Balogh

    I just clicked through from my Bloglines RSS feed to your blog. When it said “Page not found. Sorry, this page moved to North Carolina” I laughed out loud.

  2. Mrs. Mecomber

    Be careful with that logo, as I hear New York is mighty possessive of it. They’ve slapped people with lawsuits for using it. “Just another reason why I love NY…”

  3. Ellen

    I know. (Although I suspect the above would squeak by as fair use/parody).

    The funny thing is that ESDC wants people to shoot their own “I Love New York” videos and get all interactive. It would be interesting to see what NYRI opponents would do with the new logo, for instance. Maybe we should have our own “I Love New York” logo contest. Especially if ESDC dumps Gundersen. The graphic possibilities for commentary are endless.

  4. Mrs. Mecomber

    Oh gosh, I’m way ahead of schedule on a new New York logo. It’s the same I *heart* NY but it has a circle with a slash through it.

    Why quit the charades and why not let people know what we really think of the coup d’etat of Albany? ha

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