Gas prices cause more parking

Or, to be more precise, park-ing: New York State Park camping reservations are up 16 percent. This mirrors a trend in other states. So this summer, the fens and spinneys of New York may very well be filled with folks trying to save a buck on vacations, blowing up their propane stoves and burning their tents down. I, for one, cannot wait to get back to the woods.

I prefer camping at state parks as opposed to private campgrounds. If I’m going to be forced to pay enormously high taxes and fees in this state, then I’m damn well going to use some of the amenities. Passed in the most recent state budget was a huge $95 million capital infusion for the New York State Parks System – a timely bit of funding. I hope that most of this money is earmarked for renovations and staffing of existing parks, rather than the development of new ones. Some of these parks need more help than others.

If you also use the state parks system, and can compare New York’s system to others, what do you like best about it, or hate the most and wish you could change? (Or, what would get you to use them?) How do you think they ought to spend the money?

One thought on “Gas prices cause more parking

  1. TourPro

    NYS operated campgrounds are like hidden jewels – sometimes you find a real gems, sometimes it’s just a lump of dirt.

    If I could change anything, it would be the unwieldy and barely functional reservation system.

    The current price for camping in these campgrounds is a super-bargain, so much that lot’s of people make multiple reservations with the intention of no-show based on whim or weather. The penalty is quite reasonable. While the spots are technically “sold”, I think there is something inherently unfair about the practice (I’m guilty too.) A higher or floating price point might solve that, but with the outrageous taxes we pay, I almost think NYS citizens should be able to camp for free. (I’m obviously conflicted)

    Personally, I like the “rustic” and “primitive” campgrounds better. If I could change one other thing, it would be banning the use of generators.

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