Other people’s blogs

Burgh Diaspora, a Rust Belt blogger, scoffs at Gov. Paterson’s recent comments on upstate New York’s “brain drain.” He links to a study that indicates the problem is not that too many college grads are leaving, but too few of them are arriving. (However, I think that speaks to a problem we are already aware of, that local colleges are not retaining enough graduates — not causing them to “in-migrate.”)

A post about the Yaddo Artist Colony in Saratoga Springs. On a political megablog recently I noticed someone posting about how they had traveled across country, leaving the scrum of the wrecked California housing market behind, and had landed in upstate NY hoping to set up shop with a spot of country land and a small garden. It makes me wonder if a new generation of “Okies” is going to think Upstate is a great place to set up communes…

On the other hand, here’s Paleo-Future, a blog all about the future that never was.

Lastly, it appears that I have a doppelblogger.