Other people’s blogs: Book and photo edition

New York Cowboy reviews Small is Beautiful, a 1973 book about how to manage growth and sprawl.

Steve Balogh, writing at Groovy Green, reviews James Kunstler’s World Made by Hand, a novel about life after “peak oil.”

Steve has been reading mainly schoolbooks lately and here is his report .

Josh Shear reviews The Lost.

(What I’m reading at the moment… Fiction: Master and Commander by Patrick O’Brian – very much a book for manly men, but once you get past the overwhelming nautical terminology, an enjoyable story; and non-fiction: How the University Works: Higher Education and the Low-Wage Nation, by Marc Bousquet.)

Via Dryden is Home: Some “tilt-shift” photos (they make ordinary scenes look like miniature dioramas), including this illustrated feature on America’s commuting habits.

Melsky, an artist and recent transplant to Syracuse, has a blog, Wandering Through Syracuse, that features lots of photos. (This one is so typically Syracuse, but has a stark beauty that could only be noticed by a newcomer.)

Updated: Via Buffalopundit: a collection of photos of Life Before Death.

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  1. Melsky

    Thanks for putting my blog on your page! I have been meaning to have a blog roll and you will be on it as soon as I make one. Getting a full time job is terrible for blogging.

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