Good news for frogs and Upstaters

For those who are worried about Upstate New Yorkers slipping into total economic oblivion, there is some good news today. Although Mark Bitz of Plainville Farms once said that the economic situation here was analogous to putting a frog in lukewarm water and slowly raising the temperature until it politely boils to death, it turns out that this is not possible. You can’t boil a frog that way. Even if you raise the temperature slowly, it will still get agitated and eventually seek to escape.

So yes, eventually Upstate New York will be empty, but at least it won’t be littered with dead frogs. Good to know.

6 thoughts on “Good news for frogs and Upstaters

  1. Ellen

    That doesn’t seem to stop them from getting run over in the highway afterward, though!

    It’s not easy being green, regardless of your species…

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