Baseball logic

While I consider myself neutral on the Yankees-Red Sox spectrum, I must say this attempted stunt was pretty audacious.

NY Yankees Remove Buried Red Sox Jersey

In fact, trying it and failing to get away with it, is probably just as effective (according to fan logic) as starting a rumor that someone did it and got away with it.

Then again, there are those who want to see the Sox fan locked up without parole. Hmm. “A very, very bad act”? Really?

Then again, I don’t really understand why Yankee Stadium needs to be moved across the street. Whatever.

One thought on “Baseball logic

  1. Phil

    Red Sox fans are convinced this was an in-house stunt staged by the Yankees. Red Sox Nation has moved beyond curses–we’re a dynasty in the making with a well-stocked minor league, intelligent front office staff and two World Series victories in the past four years. Curses are so 1986.

    The Yankees are in a drought, their starting team skews very old and their youngsters aren’t quite there yet. Who’s looking desperate now?

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