Is the gentlemen’s agreement ending?

Just making a quick note of this blog post from the Daily News from a few days ago, which looks at the further erosion of the “gentlemen’s agreement” unofficially dividing New York into separate political fiefs.

    At last weekend’s DRC convention in Saratoga Springs, Senate Minority Leader Malcolm Smith stressed the “we are one state” line that is emerging as a theme for the Democrats this fall, and also said the minority hopes to replicate the success it had in the 48th SD with now-Sen. Darrel Aubertine (who may have to fight hard to keep that seat this fall) in other GOP-dominated districts.

And the Republicans are arming for battle downstate as well. Cry havoc! Be prepared for more nasty Barclay/Aubertine style ads.

However, Simon of Living in Dryden (writing at TAP) proposes that what any party really needs to do is to revive a sense of visceral, uplifting involvement among voters – something that negative ads won’t do. This is one of the most compelling arguments I’ve seen against the “Ahhh… back to business as usual” sighs of relief among political observers about the recent regime change in Albany, which appears to have made “Three Men in a Room” more secretive than ever.