Where’s Tom?

Back in the early days of this blog, sometimes Tom Suozzi was the only guy worth talking about. What carefree, innocent days they were, back when he was grandstanding in front of Bruno and Silver and banging on rostrums with his shoe about “reform” in all its forms. Why, I don’t even think the Brennan Center Report had come out yet, and Eliot Spitzer had not yet declared for governor and Chuck Schumer had not even stepped out of the way. There was just Suozzi and his Fix Albany vehicle. Even when Spitzer was running, he gamely provided us with some semblance of debate, and bowed out with a song (“You’re Nobody till Somebody Loves You”). Now we’re all four years older and a lot wiser. Alas.

Suozzi, who would have been a formidable candidate in ’06 if Spitzer hadn’t sucked up all the oxygen, says he’s not running for governor in 2010 – although the Daily News has tried to parse that a little. Suozzi’s dad and Gov. Paterson’s dad have been law partners for a couple decades. For those who’ve lost track of Suozzi since ’06, this Newsday article offers a recap of what he was doing during the Spitzer years year.

The Newsday article is focused on what Long Island Democrats can look forward to in an unsettled political climate, but not to forget that Upstate Democrats had an important function recently at the New York Democratic Rural Convention in Saratoga Springs. People were disappointed that Gov. Paterson did not attend, pleading budget duty, and are wondering about his commitment to supporting Democratic efforts to win the Senate. (On the budget, the New York Times thinks Paterson got pwned.)

Tom Suozzi was at the rural Democrats’ convention, enjoying his role as (in essence) New York State Property Tax Czar. Why not? Property taxes have got to be the #1 issue in New York, across all regions, now and forever. And Suozzi doesn’t even have to do anything in this position – just harrumph a lot. What a gig!