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Get out of the house, take a ride on Corbin Hill Road

However, if Google has its way, you won’t ever have to get out of the house to take a ride in upstate New York again. The Googlemobile has infiltrated the rural Capital District. (I don’t know how I feel about that… I’m sort of hoping Google runs out of gas money before they get to the Syracuse area.)

Not a blog, but still of interest… SyracuseNostalgia.com. (This site’s been around for a while.) They’re looking for contributions. One of the video clips offered reminds me that not only do we have the 10th anniversary of the Labor Day Storm coming up this fall, but we also have the 25th anniversary of the Blue Mountain Lake quake. Who else remembers that?

Joanie Mahoney has raised some eyebrows with recently reported stands on Onondaga County’s gas tax cap and the Armory Square sewage treatment plant. This has met with approval from some local progressives.

News (or maybe not) from Rochester via Dragonfly Eye: Is Wegmans on the verge of getting into the liquor business?

Following up on bookish things, over at English Russia (a blog featuring oddities from the former Soviet Union), there’s this scene. (And if they were feeling really destructive they could throw them in here.) But in other countries they have more respect for old books. In Europe they have what are known as book towns, like this one in Scotland.

Josh at Life at Ground Level has always got his nose in a book.

So why hasn’t Simon been posting much lately at Living in Dryden? Because… here comes the sun!

Nevertheless, he’s still around and this week offered his thoughts on skepticism of power — something I think everyone in the Upstate blogosphere has in common, whatever side of the political fence they may be on.

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  1. Ellen

    Wow Brian, thanks for the link. I also went on to read the associated blog post for those photos. (http://www.sweet-juniper.com/2007/11/it-will-rise-from-ashes.html)

    The similarity makes you wonder if this is a sign of how “empire” type nation-states end. First the Soviet Union, now us? What is the proper response to this?

    gosh, I don’t mean to sound so fatalistic lately (what with the dead NY floor map and all). This sort of thing makes the OCRRA book disposal (of personal books) seem positively humane. But this is like seeing America’s children thrown away and scattered on the floor.

    This photo from the set is just unbelievably ironic and heartbreaking:


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