5 things I do not enjoy about spring

Don’t get me wrong; I love spring. But rather than compile a list of “5 things I looooooove about spring” (everyone loves spring!) I thought I would be contrarian. Because there are some things about spring that are just… unsettling.

1. Cleaning up a winter’s worth of dog doo from the back yard. The dog likes a certain corner of the yard. The relative ease of cleanup is not adequate compensation for the yuck factor.

2. Cleaning up a winter’s worth of Douglas fir cones from the back yard.

3. Not being able to really tell the difference between doo and cones, which makes #2 seem just as disgusting as #1, even though it shouldn’t be.

4. Not having any excuse not to ride my bike. (File this one under “Vernal Guilt”)

5. Rain. I know spring rain can be lovely, but not when it happens at the start of the spring and just goes on and on. It’s rather a cruel joke. At this time of year, spiritually, it’s just warm snow. Summer rain is better.

4 thoughts on “5 things I do not enjoy about spring

  1. Mrs. Mecomber

    I curious how your bulbs are going? My tulips have peeped up and the crocus is on showy display! I hate the dog/cat doo and I hate the rain… but boy it’s good to be outside in the warm sun again. Yet I may be counting my chickens before they’re hatched. It’s still April…

  2. Ellen

    Thanks for asking! I’m afraid the bulbs are a very bad joke poorly planted… May I ask where you are finding all this warm sun because I haven’t experienced ANY.

  3. sean

    i would also add: cleaning up the dog himself. we have a big one-blue-eyed something-something-something mix with a white belly. in march and april, when i take him to the woods to run, his belly and paws get filthy. endless toweling doesn’t get everything off. he then waits patiently for me to leave so he can get up on the couch and leave his imprint there in muck; if it’s a good day for him, he gets the chance to do the same thing in the van. for me (also from a youth baseball perspective), one of the dividing lines between the lousy and the nice is the day when the dog comes home with a dry belly.


  4. Jim Muller

    #6. The end of winter camping. If you are really into winter camping – like we are at http://www.WinterCampers.com – then spring is a mixed blessing. It offers some of the best winter camping trips with lots of snow, water run off and moderate temperatures. But it means at least 7 months until we can go winter camping again.

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