What the hell?

I planted bulbs last fall, but I don’t know what this is coming up. The package said it would “grow up to five inches tall.” So I was expecting these bulbs would wind up getting nice and round and weighing maybe two or three pounds come spring. But this is just some kind of green stuff. Did I do something wrong? Not only isn’t it what I thought it was, it’s shocking and disturbing and weird. What a disaster. I’m never buying bulbs from Wal-Mart again.

7 thoughts on “What the hell?

  1. Robinia

    Patience and faith, faith and patience. They are virtues. That looks like something quite nice might come of it. Spring just started today, give it time! (Not that I recommend Wal-mart for bulbs, just that it is, at least, alive and coming up. When they have been totally Wal-mart-handled, they just mush up in the ground and don’t sprout).

  2. TourPro

    I’ve bought and planted many a bulb from Walmart. In fact, the discount stuff they were practically giving away at the tail-end of the season got forced over the winter and performed beautifully.

    I think that little sprout looks pretty darn good and likely will surprise you. Always be optimistic with plants, I think they can feel the vibe. :)

  3. kristine

    heck, i’m impressed that you have a bulb coming up at all, regardless of what it is (hyacinth?) — every single crocus or tulip that i’ve planted has ended up as squirrel chow (or if they escape being dug up, they sprout as bunny chow..or deer chow…or groundhog…you get the idea…)the daffodils are the only thing that don’t get touched, so i stick to them.

    btw, if you really like bulbs, they’re a little more pricey, but http://www.dutchgardens.com has some lovely stuff. i’ll buy perennials from them, but i’m done feeding their tasty bulbs to the critters.

  4. Carla

    No need to worry! It looks exactly as it should! Of course I don’t know what it is (except that I doubt its crocus).
    It reminds me of an iris, but its FAR too early for iris. I’m not familiar with what hyacinth looks like this early, but that would be my guess based on the calender.

  5. Mrs. Mecomber

    It looks like it’s coming along nicely; hang in there. I’m surprised you’re getting anything at all in this weather! It looks like something from the lily family– what is it, a snowdrop? A hyacinth? A grape hyacinth?

    By the way– to keep squirrels from eating your bulbs– just plant the bulbs as usual and sprinkle some bone meal or dried blood in as fertilizer. Lay a sheet of chicken-coop wiring over the bulbs, then cover with a 1-inch layer of dirt, then mulch. The rodents will not be able to dig through the chicken wire to get to your bulbs, but the bulbs will grow right through the hexagon-shaped holes in the wire. And the dried blood/bone meal is an added repellent, as well as serving as fertilizer.

  6. Mrs. Mecomber

    Clarify: I re-read my previous comment and it sounds like I’m saying to lay chicken-coop wiring directly over the bulbs. Sorry, that’s not what I meant.

    Dig the hole for your bulbs. Sprinkle in fertilizer. Mix in the soil you dug out. Bury the bulbs and fill the hole with soil, until the hole is almost completely filled. Lay the wiring down just below the soil-line (about an inch below). Cover the wire with the remaining inch of soil, making the soil level with the soil around the hole. Mulch.

    The squirrels should not be able to dig down past the wiring.

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