State troopers

ABC News has this item on the State Police mounting an internal investigation to find out what Spitzer’s security detail was up to during all this.

This another illustration of why this matter is so disturbing: the gray area involving New York state troopers, assigned to protect the governor, who could be put in the difficult situation of possibly having to remain silent about any illegal activities he might have been involved with — either that, or being forced or enticed to leave him alone and be less able to perform their duty of protecting him (which appears to be more likely). It boggles the mind. Don’t our troopers deserve better than to be put in this position? Is it really to be expected that the unfettered freedom to visit prostitutes, and break the law, should be regarded as a gubernatorial prerogative?

Since you cannot shadow a sitting governor at all times of the day and night, maybe the best thing to do is to just get rid of the ones who are fond of flouting petty things like legalities.