Call me crazy…

Call me crazy… call me a conservative… call me a supporter of the military-industrial complex… but… WTF?

Pentagon Bans Google Teams From Bases

The Pentagon has banned Google Earth teams from making detailed street-level video maps of U.S. military bases. A message sent to all Defense Department bases and installations around the country late last week told officials to not allow the popular mapping Web site from taking panoramic views inside the facilities. Michael Kucharek, spokesman for U.S. Northern Command, told The Associated Press on Thursday that the decision was made after crews were allowed access to at least one base. He said military officials were concerned that allowing the 360-degree, street-level video could provide sensitive information to potential adversaries and endanger base personnel.

I mean, am I missing some key nuance here? Is there some overriding reason why anyone would think it was a good idea to take panoramic photos inside military bases and put them on Google? Help me understand. I’m just a simple girl from the provinces.

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