Winter report card

As I’m writing this there is a good lake effect blast happening outside. This would have been enjoyable before Christmas, but after Christmas – and especially on the first of March – it’s just a drag. I have not been impressed with this winter at all. Neither, I think, are the snow-watchers at Golden Snowball. (I’m sure people in Oswego County would beg to differ, as they’ve been hit by some big storms and yet no one from The Weather Channel has been visiting them this year.) Nevertheless, everyone in the Northeast is running out of road salt. What’s worse, according to Channel 9 we may very well be in for one of those cold, wet springs that take forever to get organized. And on top of it, once again I missed the Northern Lights. (I did see the lunar eclipse the other week, but right at the climactic moment where the moon turns all orange, the clouds rolled in. Typical.)

I no longer dread driving in heavy snow, but I’m also noticing that every day the roads are clear (or just wet), I find myself feeling thankful and relieved, like we’re getting away with something important. It feels like finding a $5 bill on the ground. Surely this is wrong for a Syracuse native to feel?