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BuffaloPundit compares upstate New York to Cuba (whereas I would have compared it to Soviet Russia). He also wants everyone’s opinions on a new revolutionary proposal.

Everything you ever wanted to know about snowmobiling in the Adirondacks, via Adirondack Almanack. Snowmobiling is big business in New York; but it’s also an increasingly fatal pastime.

Phil at Still Racing in the Street debunks recent glowing reports about Syracuse’s stock of derelict houses.

Robinia posts at TAP about the choices being faced by New York’s political culture at this moment in history (post NYSen-48):

Governmental reform in NYS is in a high-opportunity/high-risk situation right now– as is, also, the “Albany system.” I think of it as NYS’s “Sam Cooke moment” (after his amazing and historic classic song “A Change Gonna Come”). Albany politics is facing a similar situation to the moment the song addresses– just like the Civil Rights movement in 1964, change is inevitable, hard to accomplish, and the shape of the future following the inevitable change is unclear….as is one’s own place in that future.

Those who are interested in how Republicans are taking this might want to check out the new Change NYGOP blog (“For Republican Activists who believe Republicans should be Republicans”). Tuesday’s election just may have cemented a new future saying in Albany: “He met his Waterloo Watertown.”

It would be a shame if the 48th election didn’t attract more year-round political attention to the North Country from now on. Just as a reminder, here are a few North Country blogs: New York State of Mind, Northern New York Follies, and Danger Democrat.

And north of the border, there is a real political scandal a-brewing — a real juicy one involving bribery at the highest levels of government — and Alan at GenX40 is blogging about it.

Wouldja believe that Gear of Zanzibar (CNY Snakepit) is still posting about Utica? Hey, didn’t that dude go off to Austin, Texas?

Oswego County Today now has an editorial blog.

Mrs. M, at New York Traveler, relates her frustrating trip to Syracuse.

3 thoughts on “Other people’s blogs

  1. Robinia

    That is too cool that the Oswego journalists know we are talking about them! Thanks for the links to North Country sources, so good. And, of course, for understanding why it’s a Sam Cooke moment in NYS!

  2. Alan

    And thanks for reminding our southern neighbours about Canada’s scandal ridden ways. A politician’s death bed confession is even included in this one!

  3. Ellen Post author

    Alan, that is one kewl scandal you got going up there. It’s something you could make a Lifetime movie out of. Down here all we have are scandals you can make Michael Moore movies out of. Just not the same.

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