With Giuliani’s crushing loss in the Florida Republican primary, his national political career appears to be over (unless McCain or some other Republican becomes president and he becomes — gack — head of H@^&$*@land Security). First of all, before anyone gloats too much about this being a ringing defeat of his shameless and extended and increasingly hollow shilling of 9/11 — it’s much more likely that “America’s Mayor” really wasn’t. He was New York City’s mayor, and I don’t know why political pundits will never get it through their heads that New York City’s political icons just don’t have legs nationally. Never have, never will.

From a purely political standpoint, Giuliani represents amazing waste and miscalculation. For his leadership during 9/11 was pretty exceptional, though imperfect, and he — like America at large — had a golden opportunity to seize the moment and make something lasting and constructive out of what had previously been a none-too-perfect record. He didn’t, and we didn’t. Instead, the impulse was to overdramatize very real losses in exactly the wrong way, to confabulate, to self-promote, to just not get that there are some places you’re not meant to go — be it invading Iraq or just Florida (in hopes of running the whole country).

Perhaps an all too predictable outcome, but still worth a moment of silence before the gloating continues. With the Democrats busy destroying themselves on racial and gender issues they’ve foolishly ignored for the past 30 years, we still don’t have any logical captain for the ship, and the worst rapids are just ahead.