Winter driving

A gentleman from Vladivostok, Russia has invented a cool self-salting system for his truck. (I think it’s sand). He pulls a lever and lays down his own personal layer of traction on snow and ice. Needless to say, he’s very popular with the drivers on the road behind him. You can watch the video demonstration here; no need to understand Russian, it’s pretty self-explanatory.

He has a patent, but is looking for investors. Surely someone must have come up with this simple idea before, but perhaps we’re more concerned about in-car DVD players? Anyhow, sounds like a great product for Syracuse’s non-existent Winter Expo…

4 thoughts on “Winter driving

  1. upstate guy

    undoubtedly it’s sand, which is what they use in Russia during the winters; remember it gets a whole lot colder there than even here in CNY!

    Sand also has the distinct advantage of not causing rust-out of cars and bikes and it doesn’t pollute lakes and streams!

  2. Len

    >Surely someone must have come up with this simple idea before

    Locomotives have had similar systems for years. It’s a good idea, but I’d guess that the various municipalities would be all over whomever used it … IIRC there are arguments every winter regarding sand instead of salt, because of storm drain concerns.

  3. Ellen

    What I found amusing about the video was how the inventor of the device reminded me exactly of your typical American guy who comes up with these things. A late-middle-age Joe Average, a resourceful guy tinkering in his garage, complete with man-on-the-street interviews by friends and neighbors. Except for the Russian language, this could have aired on Channel 9!

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