The reviews are in

Philip Anderson at TAP has a nice roundup of editorials on Spitzer’s historic “State of the Upstate” speech.

If you missed the speech, you can watch it or read it here.

I really do agree that Spitzer’s harking back to the bad old days of NYC in the ’70s was a brilliant rhetorical move. Now this is more like it.

Other reactions on the plan (if not the speech)…

BuffaloPundit: Spitzer on Day One of Year Two

Fault Lines: “I Want, I Want, I Want” . . .but What Do We Need?

Living in Dryden: One New York

Lest we bask too much in the warm fuzzies of unity, here’s some good old upstate-downstate sniping for you, courtesy of the Buffalo News.

And a crapload of commentary links from Knickerbocker Blog, formerly known as Let Upstate Be Upstate.

One thought on “The reviews are in

  1. Simon St.Laurent

    In that “upstate-downstate sniping” piece, we get to hear from State Senator Eric Adams:

    Sen. Eric Adams, a Brooklyn Democrat, said half of the black men in his district are unemployed. “I can’t say in my district that the guy on Utica Avenue is less important than Utica, N.Y.,” Adams said.

    It’s a good point, if kind of strange coming from Senator Adams. Why? Not too long ago, that same Senator was saying that his $79,500 part-time salary qualified him for public assistance, and was crying “show me the money”:

    I haven’t made up my mind about what Spitzer is up to, but somehow it seems very strange to be giving Adams the microphone.

    I do think we need to find away past the usual upstate-downstate conversations, as you pointed out a while ago, and so far the press all sounds like the usual stories. Maybe that’s because they’re talking to the usual suspects (though Bloomberg was pretty reasonable, I thought).

    Hopefully this speech will at least get wheels turning in a lot more people’s heads, upstate and downstate.

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