The house that love tore down?

Okay, that’s inflammatory. But just a quick word on the whole Ronald McDonald House thing… as of this morning, WSYR’s take on the affair (on their news website) was:

New Ronald McDonald House Plans Hit Snag
A charity that provides a place for out-of-town parents to stay while their kids are in the hospital wants to expand. However, city lawmakers are forcing the Ronald McDonald house to wait longer to put its plan in motion.

Sounds a little one-sided. No acknowledgement whatsoever of legitimate preservation issues or shades of gray. No comments from anyone not connected with Ronald McDonald House, either. (More thought was put into the story about the Smurfs?)

2 thoughts on “The house that love tore down?

  1. Josh

    And no acknowledgment that the plan might not actually go forward (“forcing the Ronald McDonald house to wait longer”), as if the City’s obstructing by withholding some permit as of right.

    That’s tough…

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