Why Obama?

An occasional favorite online time-waster of mine is the Advertising Slogan Generator. It takes real advertising taglines (I think many of them from the UK) and invites you plug in a “product” name of your own. I find it most pungent when you plug the word “war” in there, but why not do your own political ad slogans too?

Since “Obama” is the most unusual name in the running, and therefore having a higher hilarity potential, I offer some of the results here…

  • Only The Crumbliest Flakiest Obama.
  • Smart. Beautiful. Obama. (wow, sounds like CNY’s Creative Core came up with that one!)
  • Obama. It’s Everywhere You Wanna Be.
  • Built Obama Tough.
  • We’ll Leave The Obama On For You.
  • Top Breeders Recommend Obama.
  • I Wish I Were an Obama Weiner.
  • Dude, You’re Getting an Obama!

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