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Brian Cubbison has cooked up a really useful comment map about the I-81 debate. Map-lover that I am, I must say, this is a really brilliant use of the much-overused Google map technology, which is usually used for same-old stuff like crime reports, real estate mashups and where to find wireless hotspots. The map effectively organizes the cacophony of conversation about real physical space that concerns the entire greater Syracuse community. I’d like to add a brief comment, in the appropriate spot, about the Phantom Bypass — but then again, I’m afraid when people see that spot, they’ll instead think “Yeah! What a great place for an elevated highway!”… just like the government did when they were poring over their maps of the 15th Ward, trying to decide where to put their interstate. (SU’s Mark Monmonier wrote a great book called How to Lie With Maps… maybe there could be a sequel, How to Wreck With Maps) Can we use this Godlike bird’s-eye view for good, not more stupid decisions…?

Speaking of Google maps… it looks like Google has updated their satellite photos across the state and locally. This shot just cracks me up for some reason. A new feature in the local landscape. (“If you build it, they will come!”)

Via Danger Democrat: North Country native Aragorn, heir of Gondor, endorses Kucinich.

New York Traveler does not believe that travel will save the world.

MetaEzra thinks Cornell needs a winter carnival. I’ve seen collegiate attempts at reviving winter carnivals (with stated rationales eerily similar to MetaEzra’s). I sometimes really wonder if there is just something in the fundamental makeup of today’s youth that makes them averse to the organized winter jollity their forebears enjoyed.

Find out why Simon of Living in Dryden is changing his focus in 2008!

4 thoughts on “Other people’s blogs

  1. Mrs. Mecomber

    “Can we use this Godlike bird’s-eye view for good, not more stupid decisions…?”

    I’m with ya!

    I am impressed with what so many can do with Google maps. I’ve considered trying to map our travels with it, but haven’t set aside the time to figure it out.

  2. Aaron

    Hrmm. Can’t be too recent of an update, though – the rowhouses built near me in Tipp Hill don’t even have dug foundations in the current satellite imagery – and those’ve been occupied since summer.

  3. Ellen

    Those pictures are at least as recent as 2004 (I can see my car in the parking lot at work!), and definitely not as recent as 2007, since it shows the old Wal-Mart building in Fairmount Fair.

    I’m guessing spring 2006, judging by the state of construction on Newhouse III.

    But the old Google map photos were from before the Labor Day storm!

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