Let’s ride!

It’s now Year Two (or is that Day Two and Counting?) of the Spitzer Era. What’s on tap? Already the punditry, which has clucked that Eliot should have played nicer, is salivating over what promises to be the Main Event: a “showdown” over education funding between the Guv and Shelly, played out in silhouette against the red backdrop of New York’s economy in flames. Now this is the confrontation everybody wanted! (But do we really want it fought on the ground of money for NYC schools? Somehow I don’t think so. And I think at this point, Silver holds the high ground on an issue that’s over a decade old.)

I think there is a serious question here of whether Spitzer has learned the taste for clumsy backtracking on promises (see: driver’s licenses, immigrant). He’s also not shown himself to be terribly smart at picking solid ground to fight on when he picks a fight (again, see the driver’s licenses). I guess what I don’t understand is how a lot of people were smelling a national housing bubble collapse and possible recession in the air some time ago, but it’s just become big news to the bean-counters in NYC and Albany.

But half a league, half a league, half a league onward…