Look, but don’t feed

The kids are back in the ‘hood, without Mom this time. Just finished vacuuming up the seeds and corn left for the birds.

Time to put the free food away for awhile (sorry, birds) so our friends will go back up to Split Rock where they belong. (Or maybe we’re the ones who don’t belong?) I hope the snow melt will make things a little easier for them this week.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all creatures great and small…

3 thoughts on “Look, but don’t feed

  1. Apple

    Not only are they snatching up the bird seed at my Mom’s (near Westhill HS) but they have been feasting on her shrubs. Just over a week ago we also saw several very large turkeys there. I think they have learned that they are safe in the housing developments.

  2. Mrs. Mecomber

    Oh my gosh, that is an awesome photo!

    The deer are so bold here! They once came in daylight, right up to the house, and allowed the children to pet them… while muching my lovely Rose of Sharon…

    We don’t lay out birdseed because of the deer, and because of the occasional bear that wanders down from the hill behind us…

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