OK, everybody – panic!

The Snowman must be in his glory today over at the Golden Snowball. All I can say is — after enduring WSYR’s “Severe Weather Alert” text messages since Thursday (for a storm that would arrive three days later!) and becoming one with the mob at Wegmans this morning — this had better be good.

I did notice that on the Weather Channel, Syracuse was one of the “control cities” depicted on their map. But alas Syracuse still probably has a long way to go before it’s known as something other than an annual winter freakshow. Not like Quebec City, which has a classy winter carnival; over at Sean Kirst’s forum, there’s some video of what they do up there (see “Winter Carnival” thread).

Still, it’ll be a perfect weekend for holiday baking. Cookie dough and driving snow — what could be more fun?

6 thoughts on “OK, everybody – panic!

  1. Robinia

    All we have in Ithaca is sleet, and my husband’s flight is due in from Detroit, cancelled yesterday evening…. it is supposed to show here midafternoon. Shall I just have him take a cab, if they actually manage to bring him to the airport?

    Why, exactly, don’t we invest in better inter-city passenger rail like the rest of the world? (Is it somehow similar to healthcare?)

  2. Ellen

    This is not a fun blizzard. This is an icky, awful, sleety, icy, gloppy, weighs-a-ton mess which I am going to have to shovel twice in one day. I want my money back! Nor’easters suck. Give me good, honest lake effect any day.

    I knew I should have plugged in the Snow God last night. He is displeased.

  3. Patrick

    Plug in the Snow God??? Heck No! Put him back in the closet :) My back is shot. Oops, I’m thinking out loud again, shhh. I still have a lot of decorating left to do and it’s not going to happen tonight because of all the shoveling I’ve had to do so far and I have to agree, this wasn’t a fun storm other than having some fun talking about it at the site. I’ll take that fluffy light lake effect over this stuff any winter day of the week.

    As for the weather channel, just think of all that free publicity that Syracuse gets and doesn’t cash in on it. I don’t get it. Just think if Syracuse has something like Quebec City’s carnival the Weather Station would be saying something like “and Syracuse is getting buried in snow just in time for their annual Carnival”. Have to learn to go with what we have to go with and part of it is snow.

  4. Melsky

    Hey, thanks for using the flickr photo of me skiing in my driveway!

    A Christmas party I was supposed to go to got canceled but I did have the fun of cross country skiing down my own street. We also skied at Sunnycrest park but the conditions were better on the street.

  5. Ellen

    Hi Melsky,

    The Flickr widget must have pulled in your picture… I have it set to “Syracuse” keyword (although sometimes that gives me shots of Syracuse in Sicily). Street skiing! That’s a cool idea.

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