Today is the day

People of Onondaga County! Today is the day when you get to choose between

(a) A man sent by a party that has no new ideas


(b) A woman sent by a party that has lots of ideas about how to keep new ideas from making a difference.

The decision is yours! Get out and vote! (And try not to be as cynical as I am…)

Perhaps a more palatable choice: People in Onondaga County (and all New York voters everywhere) also get to decide whether or not it will be constitutional for people living in Raquette Lake to drink uncontaminated water. It’s a no-brainer, my fellow New Yorkers — vote YES on Proposition 1. (If you don’t think it’s important to pull the lever on this proposition, please read this post from Gotham Gazette, which notes a scenario where the proposition might face knee-jerk opposition.)

Updated, the morning after: Mahoney wins, affirming that people in CNY really still can’t stand Albany. Democrats lose in nasty-GOP-flyered campaigns in Stephentown, but win in nasty-GOP-flyered campaigns in Dryden. Alan Bedenko of BuffaloPundit loses his bid for Erie County legislator. A faint mooing is heard from the direction of Devoe Road as incumbents in Camillus win across the board and a Republican fills an empty Democratic seat on the town board. (Meanwhile, a voice from Fairmount Hills sounding very much like Jim Salanger’s is heard to shout “They’ll never take me alive!”)

Proposition 1 overwhelmingly passes. New York says to Raquette Lake: “Message: We care.”

5 thoughts on “Today is the day

  1. Aaron

    Glad I’m not the only one who’d like a nice column that says “None of the above.” If None of the Above wins, then we get a roster of new candidates.

    Time to hold my breath and vote this evening… :-\

  2. Phil

    Man, I thought I was cynical. I thought today’s marquee race pits:

    a ) a man with lots of experience in doing absolutely nothing out of the ordinary.

    b) a woman with tons of nice sounding but generally vague ideas about doing things, with no experience in getting things accomplished.

    Personal disclosure: The neighborhood organization I work for has had dealings with both candidates when they were on the Common Council. I also shook both their hands today at the Our Lady of Pompei spaghetti lunch. I still haven’t voted at 4:00 PM and am still undecided.

    I will vote yes however on the Raquette Lake deal. Thanks for reminding me, I always forget.

  3. Ellen

    Seriously, the only things I ever get excited about on Election Day are propositions. Because it’s YES or NO! It’s not “yes to this inadequate candidate” or “yes to that other inadequate candidate.”

    I had a contested race in my ward today (Trivia: Camillus is among the only 11 towns out of 900-odd towns in New York that have wards; Salina is another one). “contested” may not quite be the word. A seven-term incumbent versus a challenger who sent around a campaign flyer that basically praised all the development going on in this neck of the woods and seemed to be mimicking the exact style and tone of the incumbent’s bi-yearly newsletter, right down to the punctuation problems. Well, if you’re going to go after someone’s job, you gotta tell me WHY you think he’s not doing a great job, not celebrating how wonderful everything is. Honestly, I think these town board candidates simply try to trick/confuse inattentive voters into pulling the lever.

  4. KAZ

    Bloggers Win in Dryden:
    Mary Ann Sumner (Five Wells) and Dave Makar (Dryden Is Home) won their supervisor and town council races with a solid majority.

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